17 changes we need to see in FIFA 17

With Pro Evolution Soccer rising, here are some changes to FIFA again put into orbit.

For the first time in years, Pro Evo has been a legitimate alternative for football fans this year. The new ‘Enhanced Collision System’, physical improvement and updating ball AI are some of the changes that make the last title of Pro Evo is a more than worthy purchase. Of course, FIFA continues to possess the official names and¬†Ultimate Team , also known as the nectar of the gods.

You wonder, what game you are best? That dictates the preference of you all, but one thing is certain: FIFA is no longer the undisputed champion of football games. It is clear that if you do not want to lose the crown, FIFA 17 will need new expansions to re-establish himself as master of the game. With that in mind, here we show 17 updates and corrections for the next FIFA follow, again, at the top of the table.

1. Best comments

Not misunderstand us, we have come a long way since the horrible 90s, when we had to endure comments Motson in FIFA. However, it seems to have no updates since leaving the infamous Andy Gray after FIFA 11. Make every effort to keepMartin Tyler and Alan Smith , but please, stop aerial feats remind us every time Smith who heads the ball. And Carlos Tevez not constantly bombard us with his “bulldog-like approach”. In short, the comments should be bolder, smarter and would not hurt fresh blood in the commentary team.

2. Arbitrators do not give foot with ball

Football is a contact sport and, although you could say that the game is becoming less physical time, arbiters of FIFA 16 will not forgive even the slightest. Arbitration has always been a difficult point, but FIFA 16 is particularly bad, with referees whistle fouls the softer touch with the rival. It also appears that dealt cards almost at random. It can not be that almost departing ankle in a tackle and only receive a verbal warning; a lie that nothing falls tap a yellow. Surely we must retrain the referees.

3. Be serious in physics

The engine Ignite of EA has done a lot of good things for the franchise, but suffers some side effects on physical player: become absolutely crazy! Do not miss the opportunity to see the video above to check the various errors that suffers the game. Now, we do not misunderstand, many of them are even funny and is always appreciated that when one of these faults in the area opposite occurs, piten us a penalty in the last minute. But if FIFA wants to play as much as we need to fix this scruffy.

4. Adjust speed

Speed is always a problem in FIFA always has been and always will be. Remains the most effective game statistics, just look at FIFA Ultimate Team for the fastest players are always the most sought after, even though their other statistics are its best asset. Various improvements have been made over recent years: the lowest league players are not so slow and, as a result, the game shows a better balance.However, we are still seeing too regularly plants with rather mediocre statistics reaching front characterized by its speed. This has to stop.

5. Easy to get players provided

The most conservative Career Mode FIFA recognize that to deal in the transfer market a lot of expertise and required savings. There seems no reason for that except the random nature of transfer deals, there are a lot of talented young players languishing on the bench. So, why not links to the minor league club created to lend us their players? There would be a greater movement in the market and we would obtain a promising player for some time. Everyone wins.

6. More realistic transfers

Career Mode this year received a nice upgrade from previous versions, but still can do much more; starting with the system of transfers, which is still waiting to be dragged into the modern world. Fees clauses, accessories and buying agents are common these days, but are still areas that FIFA has not managed. Really it could expand the transfer system, calculate.

7. More academic training

Part of the fun Career Mode is the search for future stars from around the world and give them training to be the next generation of stars. We can not help but feel that there is much more, apart from selecting the players from the Academy. Give us the option to play games academia, employ staff and adapt the development of players from an early age.

8. Manage your reservations

While we’re at it, we would not mind having the option to control our booking team.It could be anything, like simply choose a team, have time to test their players and see who is sufficiently prepared to have a place in the first team. Nothing like form a quarry and have reserve players against the unexpected. There is nothing wrong in being able to choose, right?

9. A real administrator


During the summer months, the main clubs travel the world to prepare for the next season. FIFA 16 introduced this key developmental period in Career Mode. Before each season, your club is invited three out of nine tournaments that are played in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. However, apart from a conference that is done occasionally, there is little more to create a world that makes you feel like the manager of a football club. Give us some more options to get into the skin of a real manager.

10. Real Managers

Every year we have a new series of similar players, but why not also obtain licenses to keep them well – characterized manager? After all, FIFA 16 is a management simulation. We want to feel we are face to face with Jose Mourinho in a Cup final, watching walks through his technical area while cursing the referee ‘s decisions.Surely it would be great that the game had its managers with personality.

11. Scenario Mode

Of course, starting a new career mode involves starting a new season. That’s fine for the most part, but we also like it to be equal for Scenario Mode, a place that allows us to take some real challenges and see if we can overcome the current manager. For example, manage Aston Villa to try to keep it in the top or perhaps replace Claudio Ranieri of Leicester City and give everything to finish in first place in the league. Football in the real world lives of these stories and scenarios, and there is no reason why FIFA can not give more ground on this issue.

12. Celebration shirtless

Every year we think we will get this and always ends up disappointing us. But FIFA 17 will be the final, we can feel it. When we scored a goal in the last minute and took off to the corner to celebrate with our fans, there is only a celebration for the occasion: launch the shirt into the crowd. What we take the yellow card, what does it matter!

13. More variety in your CPU and AI

For those of us playing against the CPU, rapid pattern quickly emerges. There will be a fairly neutral game during the first 70 minutes, then they will be very aggressive launch attacks or delaying most defensive lines. That’s fine, but their moves are fairly predictable and have no allocation to the various teams of FIFA. If we know that the AI from FIFA is able to mix different tactics, why not all teams have their own personality?

14. more intense Celebrations

It’s a cosmetic change, but FIFA celebrations are still not an accurate picture of real life; moreover, they are neither fun. Most celebrations involves interacting a couple of players and little else with the exception of the excellent celebration in the pennant corner. We want to see other players maddened Your goal gave victory to your team at the last minute? God, the players have to celebrate it with the public.Yes, the truth is that there are many possibilities at this point. FIFA 17¬†Cheats

15. Custom Skills

Every year we get a couple of new tricks EA, but in no case give us the skills that are personalized. It would be great to give us a catalog of “genius” -make a hat, feints, pipes and all that kind of thing, and chain them to create something amazing or, otherwise, to completely ridiculous. We could even sign our madness and share it with other players to use in future meetings.

16. Licensing Career Mode league and Women

The twelve teams of women are included in FIFA 16 are very welcome. However, women’s football has not yet officially licensed, so it would be great EA to scratch a little pocket and got part of the women’s league. And we dare say that would open the possibility of a new female career mode, where we could take a career or take a club to glory.

17. Improved animations public

It has worked in the crowd cramming all stages in life without FIFA – games, but if you look closely in the stands during the game, you’ll see that continue in low resolution. We are sure that both the Xbox One and the PS4 are able to give more, and surely EA could give us more game with a couple of animations to acclimate further meetings. Astuce FIFA 17

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