Clash Royale Wiki: The ideal cover for the start!

In this Clash Royale Wiki Post a potential starter deck is shown. In addition, a strategy on how to inserting this deck makes sense in the first arenas presented.

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Q: I am a beginner at Clash Royale and looking for a good cover for the launch. In addition, I have to ask, how do I best proceed against my opponents, to win against this. Can you recommend me a Clash Royale card deck and a few Clash Royale tips to pass on to way?

A: In Clash Royale there are numerous playing cards. Therefore, it is not so easy to find the right strategy at the beginning. The presented cover and the matching strategy, could help guide you into victorious at the beginning of a battle out. It must be noted that some cards after the tutorial and thus only from Arena 1 in the Clash Royale chests can be found.

Required tickets for the Clash Royale deck

giant: Very good for offense and defense, as this unit can dish it not only, but also pulls the damage on it. This gives you enough time to launch a counterattack. But keep in mind, the giant uses only buildings and no units.

Archers: If at the beginning the only unit that can attack well in width and thus has an attack radius. Whereby Speer goblins (from Arena 1) can be used.

Skeleton Army: Can well use it to slow down enemy units.Arrows: Can good used against units lower elixir stages.

Fireball: Acting well against towers and other buildings. But even against enemy units, especially the giant, the fireball is a good solution. Sets the fireball but only against enemy units one, if they are not in motion. It always takes only a short time until a fireball is launched.

Goblins: work well to enemy units stir things up a bit.

Musketierin: Makes good damage and can be easily combined with the giant.

Baby Dragon: This is a flying unit and has a good Damage radius. Thus, this unit is also easy to combine with the giant.

The strategy for the Clash Royale Deck

This deck needs a good allocation of elixir. Therefore try enemy unit in an attack, with as little elixir-use as possible to destroy. Thus you have enough time to prepare yourselves for a massive counterattack. Normally, you should wait for the start of a battle, until the opponent attaches to an attack. Should the enemy, however, no units have sent to you and your elixir bar is already charged, then you should go Send a harmful ones like the unit Musketierin, the baby dragons or giant against the enemy.No Sets this unit however, next to the river, but this is the best behind the central tower.Of course you can take this unit combined with other units. However, you should this, only then put to the side of the first unit when it is about to cross the river. While their new Elixir builds, your opponent has to deal only with this flood of attackers. But of course it is also important to observe the enemy’s army. What is the range it has, what are their weaknesses and how you can best against these breasting.

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