How a living room with a black piano for Christmas Decorating

How a living room with a black piano for Christmas Decorating

Black pianos can be a nice addition to any living room are; especially during the holiday season. The sound of Christmas music played on the piano, along with festive decorations create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Their ornate piano can also be the focal point of your living room. This furniture It is certain that all holidaymakers your attention.


• Clear all Piano images and accessories that can usually sit on.

• Dust dust the entire piano with a soft cotton cloth and a product. You may place a tablecloth. Either blend into the dark color of the piano or one that will complement a lace doily or long runner Christmas Decor, z. B. This will help protect the surface of the piano from garland and any plants that are placed on top.

• Close all Christmas light strings to make sure that they work.

• Wrap chain of white lights around the garland. It’s easy to do this if you wrap the garland on the floor and then the light around him. The amount of the garland that you need depends on the size of your piano. If you decorate an upright, be 3.65 m (12 feet) plentiful.If you decorate a wing, measuring and then double the amount of garland. This will ensure that you have enough to need to cover the whole surface of the piano.

• Carefully place poinsettias on the piano. Buy for smaller pianos smaller poinsettias, and arrange them on both ends of the piano. For great wings buying large poinsettias and arrange them in a way that you like. You should buy some big poinsettias at the base of the piano, on the legs down. To protect piano and soil from excess water that may fall from the plant when watering, place the plant on a clear glass plate.

• Place carefully the garland and lights on the upper surface of the piano, they wrap around the poinsettias. Arrange the garland so that all the area is well covered. Make sure that you put the garland, so that the power plug of the lights hanging over the side, so that the extension cord can be connected. Position the cord so that it can be hidden.

• Make other Christmas decorations, figures, pine cones and candles in and around the garland. Add Tie red or gold velvet bows around the garland an additional pop of color.

• Decorate the rest of the room in a similar manner, placing lighted garlands to trim on side table and to railings and door. Place poinsettias around room and especially the Christmas tree.

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