Explanation of the compressor:
V8 Supercharged

The rotary compressor belongs to the rotating, twin-screw displacement compressors with internal compression. It is characterized by simple structure, small size, low, uniform, low pulsation, smooth running and lack of oscillating masses and controls. From Obergruppen- rotary compressor screw compressors are descended. Screw compressors belong to the group of rotary compressor. Compressor: The by MTM on suction tube flanged compressor works down by screw compressor technology, and provides a maximum pressure of about 0.45 bar. It can, however, by the additional components such as compressor increased running noise. Engine type and function of the compressor: The compressor is driven by the Poly-V belt of the engine by the engine speed (transmission ratio M / K: 1: 1.7) sucks the compressor breath, and pushes the air through the specially of MTM developed intercooler mitt integrated water cooler. intercooler, water cooled the intercooler consists principally of two main components: the cooling element to direct charge air cooling, which is integrated in the intake manifold, and a Luftbeaufschlagtem water heat exchanger, which is in front of the vehicle before the engine water Cool Range Bracht. This water cooling circuit is powered by a separate electric auxiliary water pump, which is driven by the engine control unit. Suction tube When designing the suction tube following assumptions were by designers based on:

used construction of such a compressor as it MTM

Engine compressor

  • Optimal and uniform filling of the individual cylinders
  • Aerodynamic design of the air duct
  • Using serial connection parts (eg throttle, etc.)
  • Compact design

Modified fuel and fuel injection:
The injection system has been specifically designed for this conversion. This ensures in combination with a special suction tube an optimum injection flow and resulting optimum combustion. The modified engine management The engine tuning was carried out both on the engine test bench and on the road. It was carried out from the aspect of maintaining the life and the maximum possible power. The durability was also tested on the vehicle and on the test bench. MTM supercharger kit: A supercharger kit of MTM consists of up to 200 individual pieces and is prepared by the qualified warehouseman and quality assurance and control. MTM compressors in other vehicles: MTM compressor in Venturi racecar MTM compressor with over 500hp in Spyker the MTM compressor in AUDI S5 and RS4 MTM AUDI R8 compressor values of a series R8 compared to the MTM R8 Supercharged

Performance chart R8 - Comparison Series - MTM

A small super block on the main components of such conversion kits Here you can see pre-compressor units of the FSI generation

MTM compressor in Venturi racecar

MTM compressor with more than 500hp in Spyker

The MTM compressor in AUDI S5 and RS4

MTM Audi R8 compressorMTM Audi R8 compressor

series MTM
Acceleration 0-100 km / h
4,6s 3.9 s
Vmax 301 km / h 315 km / h
Power in kw (PS) 309 (420) 405 (550)
430 Nm 566 Nm

Any modification to the standard power unit falls under the licensing requirements currently applicable under the subject to acceptance vehicle changes. For this reason, goes out after a change to the drive unit to use the vehicle when it is not immediately carried out and confirmed the prescribed according StVZO modification acceptance. Most MTM engine conversions have a study produced by an accredited body parts certificate.After professional installation and taking into account both the most recent repair the vehicle manufacturer and the supplied installation instructions and the conditions listed in the certificate of conformity and notes the system can be presented to an officially recognized expert or inspector from a technical testing to implementation and verification of prescribed modification acceptance. Then you must apply for the vehicle owner with proof of the modification acceptance entry in the vehicle documents to the competent licensing authority. Some special MTM engine conversions have no parts certificate. These systems can only homeMTM be installed and then tested only in the home by an authorized auditor in accordance with the applicable requirements under a single inspection. After successful evaluation is MTM supercharger conversion by TÜV registered in the registration book. This amended registration document the vehicle owner must apply for registration in the car documents to the competent licensing authority.

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