Permanently delete the iPhone contacts, photos before sale

Attention please! Selling the old iPhone, your personal information, especially contacts, expose photos from iPhone, even deleted data can be restored!

“My mother uses me old iPhone when I sold it, I am afraid that the iPhone message will be played. And the old iPhone models are obsolete, can not sell to a lot of money, I think keep it at home would be more security. “-Miss Lee said her friends had to sell an old iPhone, then her friends received a scam text messages.

How can we prevent the iPhone will recover deleted data maliciously? This is a problem-problem, which we are very concerned. “Now we have to use smart phones are generally comes with memory, data can not be removed, along with the SD Card”, a mobile phone shop technician Mr. Yang introduced, then you can download some movies, songs and APP program memory filled after formatting or restore factory settings, which increase the difficulty of data recovery, can. Even if you use the iPhone, you must also iCloud cloud Delete account before sale. Mr. Yang also said that for the old phone must be handled carefully to avoid loss of privacy, personal and property safety and security.

clean iPhone contacts and photos before selling

Buy Before selling your old iPhone 6/5 s / 5 / 4S / 4 and a new iPhone, you must delete personal data on the old iPhone before the sale. How to permanently delete iPhone contacts, photos before sale and can not be recovered? You can iPhone Data Eraser tool, focus, help you can easily delete all data such as photos, videos, contacts, messages and other personal data from your iPhone before sale and no all data can it recover with recovery software. This iPhone Data Eraser Now you can wipe all data from the iPhone permanently.

Tips: You must save the old iPhone data first. You can iTunes or iCloud backup the data on your old iPhone, or directly back up the data , with mobile data transfer using software.

Part 1: Back your precious photos, contacts on iPhone

1) Backup via iCloud
IPhone backup data on iCloud features do:

a  b c

To use iPhone backup settings to Settings> iCloud iCloud, Ios Update before
Tap “Storage & Backup” on the lower iPhone iCloud settings storage and backup
Next Tap “Back Up Now” and standby until the iPhone data on your iPhone iCloud account backup on iCloud secured

2) Backup via iTunes
if you have not set up iCloud account, you can also back up the iPhone through iTunes on your computer.


Warning: Avoid “Auto Sync” your iPhone through iTunes click and hold the SHIFT and CTRL keys while you open iTunes.

IPhone data via iTunes a backup, open iTunes and connect your iPhone. Once it is displayed in the main program window, right-click and select “Save”.

3) Backup via the mobile transmission

Mobile transmission allows iPhone data to computer back up quickly and safely; Delete all data permanently on phone. It even allows you transfer, contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and so on between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) in just one click!

Transferring the steps to secure iPhone data via mobile phone:

Step 1: Run the Mobile, iPhone connect transfer after installation, and take your USB cable to PC.

Step 2: Select the data backup mode and backup your iPhone data
, choose to enter the option backup to the primary interface to the backup mode. Once you check the file that you want to back up, click “Start Copy”, and the mobile transfer will automatically back up the selected content on your iPhone to the computer.

After all these steps you have all your photos, contacts and other files exported on the iPhone to your computer. So you can wipe permanently iPhone data to hesitate before selling with no. If you have no idea how to do it, please go ahead, look at the article and learn the detailed instructions.

Part2: Steps wiping contacts and photos on your iPhone before sale

iPhone Data Eraser One click to delete personal data permanently with no recoverable

With the rapid growth of technology, see these deleted files from iDevice by some powerful programs such as iPhone Data Recovery. However, people will always find a way to cope. IPhone Data Eraser is now helping to market to you. It offers an effective way to wipe information on your iPhone permanently without recovery(contacts, messgaes & iMessage, Call Logs & FaceTime, Calendar & Memoirs, notes, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, and photos) , so understand other private data can.

Step 1. IPhone Data Eraser tool and connect your iPhone to your computer run

Download and install Eraser the iPhone data on your computer, launch it and connect your computer to your iPhone via USB cable. If the connection is successful, your iPhone appears in the software interface, as shown below.

Step 2. Click the “Delete All Data” mode

In the software interface on the left side there are six erase mode, where you need to click on “Erase all data”.This deletion mode, you can wipe all data such as messages, call history, notes, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, photos, videos and more on your iPhone.

erase iPhone photos before selling

Select Delete the security level to all data on the iPhone

Step 3. Insert your iPhone as a new

erase iPhone phoneNumbers before selling

Deletion will take some time, patience, mobile phones, remain connected to the computer.

iPhone Data Eraser , which supports erase all data on the iPhone permanently, even some professional iPhone data recovery software is to recover able them. The iPhone data eraser allows you permanent delete the contents of your iPhone 6 b / 6 / 5s / 5C / 5 / 4S / 4 , slightly, it supports all iPhone data, including photos, contacts, SMS, call list Calendar, email, reminder, iTunes DB, app (and generated data), system settings, Apple ID, video, Voice Memo, keyboard cache, Safari bookmarks, passbook and Clear. Furthermore, does the iOS Data Eraser with iPad and iPod, as well.

More about iPhone data eraser that you may want to know:

Cleans junk files from iPhone .-Although the best phone also produce the cache and junk files in the process of daily use, the iPhone is no exception. Along with these invalid files, cache files and more increasingly your iPhone is always more slowly. Optimize and speed up your iPhone as well as iPad and iPod Touch, the most direct way to periodically remove these useless junk files, so keep your device more efficient and have more energy. All you need is the iPhone Data Eraser to delete the junk files on your iPhone and cache of photos, videos, app cookie can remove so. With iPhone Data Eraser, you can also permanently deleted files and some unwanted files to delete your iPhone free, so your iPhone can run faster.

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